Is Trump Ready to Call Out the Guard to Round Up Undocumented Aliens?
So far it's little more than an "official rumor" being downplayed by the Trump White House, but I'd keep a wary eye on this.

The Associated Press this afternoon reported
Arizona Senate Votes to Seize Assets in Protests With Violence
Apparently, Republican state legislators in Arizona are believing the lie that people are being paid to protest against government policies, and are doing what lawmakers in Arizona
SCOTUS: Petition to Void November Election Moves Forward
A group of three women have filed a writ with the Supreme Court seeking to have the results of the November elections nullified.

There's a glimmer of hope for those of us who believe
Don't Hide News to Keep Trump and the Trumpets From Seeing It
Self censoring your social media posts to keep "inconvenient" stories out of the hands of Trump supporters who might use them against us is an exercise in futility.

To defeat
Want to "Sabotage" Trump's Latest Media Survey?
Your help is needed to help the President of the United States determine which news sources are the most trusted. If you are not a Trump supporter, you should not fill out this survey because it will
September 11th, 2010

We’re Back…With a Vengeance

About a year ago, we quit publishing here at If This Be Treason.

Well, we’re back, with a vengeance. From here on we’re going to be publishing political and cultural views our way, not holding anything back. Our country’s in a mess, and thinking inside the box is not going to be the way out. Sure, we’ll probably miss the mark and often as we’re spot on. But it’s out of the box thinking, daring to be wrong while hoping to be right, that will offer us solutions that might fix the US and make us again a great nation.

Agree, disagree, love us, hate us…we don’t care as long as you read us and think. Want to tell us how wrong we are? That’s what the comment box is for. Likewise, we invite you to comment if you think we’ve hit the target.

Let’s start thinking. Let’s get about the job of fixing ourselves and our country.

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