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Alternative Medicine Under Attack in NC

The web site Natural is reporting this afternoon that in a surprise attack, alternative medicine is being threatened by the Republican dominated state legislature in Raleigh, North Carolina. The attack comes in the form of SB31, which is supposedly meant to clarify the penalties for the “unauthorized practice of medicine.” In fact, the bill will criminalize all unlicensed practices, which would include the work of most naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, aromatherapists and some midwives in North Carolina.

Although proponents claim that the bill’s objective is to fix a loophole that makes felons out of doctors from other states who practice in North Carolina without being licensed in-state, the wording would make felons out of all alternative practitioners, since in-state licensing isn’t available for complementary medical practitioners in NC.

According to Natural News:

“SB 31 states that anyone who practices medicine or surgery without having been first ‘licensed and registered to do so’ will be guilty of a Class I felony. Class I felonies in NC are the least severe kinds of felonies, but they do include things like burning crosses on private or public property, and sexually exploiting children. So if passed, SB 31 will essentially make those who practice alternative medicine without an official, state-sanctioned license and permit, criminals of the likes of sexual predators and cross burners.”

The bill, adopted by a judiciary committee in March, recently passed the state Senate. The NC House is scheduled to vote on the bill tonight. If it passes and NC governor Beverly Perdue doesn’t veto it, the practice of alternative medicine will become a more severe criminal offense than it already is in North Carolina.

Luckily the natural health community in North Carolina is already on top of this. When we called Governor Purdue’s office, the person who answered the telephone already knew why we were calling, as his phones were swamped with callers voicing opposition to SB31.

North Carolina residents are urged to contact their local state House member (919-733-7928) and Governor Purdue (919-733-2391) to voice opposition to this bill. Callers are advised to politely state their case without expressing anger. Remember vinegar and honey…

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  1. Gwen Rousseau Gwen Rousseau February 8, 2012

    Clearly this piece of legislation is about the AMA, their Lobbyist and the Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry.

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