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Video: Police State In Anaheim, CA 7/29

Editor’s note: If you’ve been following the news you know that many citizens of Anaheim are unhappy after the police shot and killed an unarmed 25 year old, Manuel Diaz. He was shot in the back of the head while laying face down on the ground after having taken a shot in the leg, also by the police. The next day, Joel Acevedo was shot and killed by the police, after he allegedly fired at them. So far this year, the police have been involved in seven shootings, five of them fatal.

Anaheim and Orange County have been controlled by the right wing since Tom Bradley was elected as the first black mayor in Los Angeles in 1973, unseating incumbent Sam Yorty. This resulted in an exodus from the city to nearby Orange County by right wing citizens who were unwilling to live under an African American mayor. Orange county has remained under Republican control since.

The following amateur video documents a peaceful demonstration being held on a sidewalk in Anaheim being broken up by the police for no discernible reason.

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