Is Trump Ready to Call Out the Guard to Round Up Undocumented Aliens?
So far it's little more than an "official rumor" being downplayed by the Trump White House, but I'd keep a wary eye on this.

The Associated Press this afternoon reported
Arizona Senate Votes to Seize Assets in Protests With Violence
Apparently, Republican state legislators in Arizona are believing the lie that people are being paid to protest against government policies, and are doing what lawmakers in Arizona
SCOTUS: Petition to Void November Election Moves Forward
A group of three women have filed a writ with the Supreme Court seeking to have the results of the November elections nullified.

There's a glimmer of hope for those of us who believe
Don't Hide News to Keep Trump and the Trumpets From Seeing It
Self censoring your social media posts to keep "inconvenient" stories out of the hands of Trump supporters who might use them against us is an exercise in futility.

To defeat
Want to "Sabotage" Trump's Latest Media Survey?
Your help is needed to help the President of the United States determine which news sources are the most trusted. If you are not a Trump supporter, you should not fill out this survey because it will
December 31st, 2012

Nowhere To Hide From Industrial Pollutants

Back when I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s we knew about pollution, we just didn’t yet understand how pervasive it was. In those days, it was thought that the only thing needed to escape the ravages of industrial pollution was to get out into the countryside, away from bad city air and water. Smog and polluted water were seen as urban problems that didn’t exist in the country. Soil pollution wasn’t even on the radar yet for most of us.


We now know that there is no place to go to get away from chemical pollutants. Even arctic ice thousands of miles away from any source of pollution is infused with man-made chemicals. There are new types of pollution, as well. Yesterday we published a link to a very scary video on biological pollutants, crops that have had their genetics artificially “enhanced” by companies like Monsanto, and that are now cross pollinating with non GMO crops, threatening to wipe out whole varieties of plants that have been on this planet for as long as their have been humans.

Today, we’re posting a video in which Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group, gives evidence that chemical pollutants are already in our bloodstreams before we’re born. Not only that, chemicals that are so dangerous that their use was banned over thirty years ago, like DDT and PCBs, are present in all of our children at the time of their birth.

Back in the 1960s, when the general population first started becoming aware of just how pervasive and dangerous industrial pollutants had become, most people probably figured that by the beginning of the 21st century we would be well on the way to dealing with this issue.

Now, over fifty years later and thirteen years into the new century, not only do we not have a handle on the problem, it’s getting worse. One has to wonder how this can happen, especially in places like the United States supposedly governed “for, by and of” the people, which means we’re the ones allowing this to happen. Are we insane? Or are we merely asleep at the wheel? If it’s the latter, will we wake up in time?

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