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It’s Time For A Monsanto Movie Party

It never fails. Every time we post on our Facebook page about the danger posed by Monsanto and their GMO products, we’re inundated by some right wingers who’re trying to pretend to be “reasonable” calling for more specific information. Their argument is that we need to be diligent when it comes to GMOs, but that the scientific evidence is that most of Monsanto’s genetically engineered products are perfectly safe and that the company is hard at work assuring that their products do no damage, either to the health of the world population or to the environment.


None of this is true. Monsanto has a long history, going back to the days when it was a chemical company paving the way for the introduction of Agent Orange, of hiding facts at its disposal about the dangers posed by its products. There is also ample evidence that GMO products engineered and marketed by Monsanto are a Sword of Damocles hanging over our future.

This is all documented in the insightful and well researched Canadian film, The World According to Monsanto. It a long film, nearly two hours in length, that covers not only Monsanto’s long history of covering up health issues with its products, going all the way back to coverups by the company regarding dioxin, but also explaining in some detail how the company was able to coerce the U.S. government into letting them bring potentially dangerous GMO crops to your dinner table with virtually no regulations.

We think this film is so important, that we’re suggesting that folks hold small parties at their homes to screen this video. Let’s get the word out about Monsanto’s dirty tricks, and about the dangers that GMOs represent.

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