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The Ad Exxon Doesn’t Want You To See

We found this ad posted on Other98. It’s an interesting pull-no-punches ad, evidently crowdfunded and scheduled to be aired nationwide this past Tuesday night until it was pulled–according to Other98:

The following 30-second climate change ad has already aired in three major media markets across the United States, to great acclaim as the first nationally crowdfunded climate change PSA. It was scheduled to play during Fox’s State of the Union coverage this past Tuesday. Then Exxon sent a single email, and it was unilaterally taken off the air. Here’s the ad you weren’t allowed to see:


The ad probably wouldn’t have been pulled except for the “We’re Exxon and we hate your children” part. After all, the Fox folks are nothing if not full fledged capitalists–and to the Fox capitalists, money talks even louder than crazy right wing ideology. Something tells us the folks at Exxon threatened some legal action, maybe mentioning the word “slander.” It was probably a whole lot cheaper to turn down the bucks for the ad than it would be to duke this out in court. Even a win would cost a bundle.

Anyway, the folks at Other98 have a letter for you to sign, if you’d like to tell Exxon, “You can’t silence us.” We suggest that you sign.

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