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February 6th, 2013

Monsanto: Yet Another Lie

We’re being lied to all the time and have been for at least all my life. Most of these lies are harmful to us. The fact that we accept them, knowing them to be lies, hurts us even more.

This morning I ran across another of those graphics that makes a political statement on Facebook. This one contained a quote by Ronnie Cummins with the Organic Consumers Association that said:

“GMOs aren’t meant to feed the world… they’re designed to sell Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.”

That’s pretty much true you know. Most GMOs fall in the “Roundup Ready” category, meaning they’re designed to allow farmers to overdose their fields with the poison Roundup–which makes the job of farming easier and cheaper. This deadly poison is then sucked up by the crop that’s unaffected by it, by design, where it eventually ends up in the foods we eat.

That’s not all. It ends up in our soil and groundwater in massive amounts. Remember, the whole purpose of “Roundup Ready” GMOs is to allow the agriculture industry to take a scorched earth policy when it comes to weed control. In the excellent documentary, The World According to Monsanto, which we posted back in December, enough of Monsanto’s herbicide is being used on GMO cotton in South America to quickly bring life threatening illness to children who have to walk through the fields.

Click for larger image.

Not only are GMOs bad for your health and bad for the environment, they’re also bad for business. Monsanto designs their seeds to produce seedless crops–hooking farmers who use their products into buying new seed year after year. And if cross pollination occurs and a Monsanto patented gene ends up in other seed, that seed can’t be used without paying Monsanto for use of their intellectual property.

Cross pollination is happening everywhere and it’s quite disturbing. There’s evidence that Monsanto, or someone working in their behalf, is purposefully cross pollinating plants to insure a future dominated by Monsanto’s GMOs–that is, if the world wants to continue eating. In Mexico, where families have been carefully growing and protecting some of the oldest strains of food corns on the planet, far away from any commercial farming of Monsanto’s products, evidence of contamination from GMOs is irrefutable.

Our government, which is supposed to protect us, protects Monsanto and their ilk instead. As customers or buyers of food, we have no right to know whether we’re buying GMOs or not. The FDA says they have reasons for not requiring the labeling of GMO foods. We would panic. We are uninformed and might make the choice of not buying GMO foods based on misinformation, thereby hurting Monsanto and their business. That shouldn’t matter. We should be able to make the choice to buy or not to buy for any reason we please–even if we’re wrong.

In the last decade or so, GMOs have taken over. If you’re eating foods from a traditional supermarket, it’s a certainty that you and your family are eating either “Roundup Ready” or Bt corn–corn genetically modified to produce it’s own pesticide. It’s now nearly impossible to buy corn or soy–the basic ingredients of the processed food business–that has not been modified at the genetic level.

This short trailer for the documentary Food Inc has a lot of good information.

In the U.S., the only safe foods are those labeled “organic.” Don’t be fooled by labels such as “natural,” even from retailers you think you can trust. Whole Foods has admitted they label many of their own products as “natural,” even though they contain genetically modified products.

If we don’t stop Monsanto, eventually all foods will be genetically modified. Organic growers are now saying that because of cross pollination from Monsanto crops, about 3% of the genes in all conventional organic foods can be traced back to Monsanto.

Enjoy your dinner.

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