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We’re Back…With a Vengeance

About a year ago, we quit publishing here at If This Be Treason.

Well, we’re back, with a vengeance. From here on we’re going to be publishing political and cultural views our way, not holding anything back. Our country’s in a mess, and thinking inside the box is not going to be the way out. Sure, we’ll probably miss the mark and often as we’re spot on. But it’s out of the box thinking, daring to be wrong while hoping to be right, that will offer us solutions that might fix the US and make us again a great nation.

Agree, disagree, love us, hate us…we don’t care as long as you read us and think. Want to tell us how wrong we are? That’s what the comment box is for. Likewise, we invite you to comment if you think we’ve hit the target.

Let’s start thinking. Let’s get about the job of fixing ourselves and our country.

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  1. Storm Williams Storm Williams September 12, 2010

    Make the most of it!

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