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Who’s Money Is It Anyway?

Ever since the laissez-faire capitalist all but completely took over our economy, we’ve been told that we have absolutely no right to regulate business. If the Enrons of the world want to keep their houses of cards propped-up by breaking the back of Californians, we’re supposed to be perfectly fine with that – after all, it’s a free country and they should be allowed to do whatever they want. Likewise, if Walmart wants to employ practices that force their suppliers to move their factories overseas in order to stay in business, who are we to complain? After all, what’s the lifeblood of American towns and cites compared to the Walton’s or the Koch clan’s right to do whatever they like?

After all, it is their money.

Never mind, as Elizabeth Warren has pointed out, that we built the roads to their businesses to keep their customers and employees coming and going, or the fact that we educated their workforce and that our police keeps their businesses safe and secure. None of this is important anymore. All that matters is that they’re filthy rich, which means that they can do whatever they goddamn please. If we don’t like it, then we’re obviously some sort of communists whose aim is class warfare, which is evidently something akin to treason.

What they fail to realize, or what they realize and are hoping we won’t see, is that the stacks of money in their vaults comes with strings attached, which can be easily proved. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “follow the money” and this will become clear.

Our money doesn’t appear out of the air. As our fathers constantly pointed out to us, it doesn’t grow on trees. Our money is printed by the government, which means the government has every right to regulate nearly all aspects of it’s use. The government can regulate how it’s made, how it’s spent, how it’s taxed and how it’s saved.

Every single dollar that any of us owns is clearly labeled “The United States of America.” Every single bill also says, albeit in Latin, “Out of many, one.” That last quote is one that the Koch’s, the Walton’s and the rest of the one percenters should think about.

If This Be Treason is an AlternativeApproaches Media website.