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The Agenda

The way I see it, we’re preaching to the choir. If you’re reading this, then you most likely somewhat agree with us, or you are at least tolerant of the our viewpoint. Unless you’re a trolling teabagger, then you’re here because you want to go slack jawed and slap yourself, so you can go on Facebook and post a link to our site and tell everyone how laughable we are.

If you’re the latter, you’re going to be disappointed. You’ll not find much fodder for your amazement here. The way I figure it, we’re all voting for Obama and Mitt Romney’s full of it. There’s no reason to belittle that point and keep repeating what a scumbag hypocrite he is. It just pisses off the right, and makes us feel smug enough that we risk forgetting that we have work to do. We need to be figuring out what it is we really want.

Oh, we might talk about Romney sometimes. After all, there is an election in process. But there are deeper questions. Guns. Butter. Should compassion have a role in government. Most of us would think the answer obvious, but there are those, perhaps the majority, who think that government should be cold and distant.

What do we want Obama to do, besides getting elected? What is it that he’s doing that we would like to see him stop doing? What promises or position does he have to take to get reelected? What do you think he needs to do but can’t because of insurmountable opposition. Is that acceptable?

What about Occupy? Is this really a movement, or is it smoke and mirrors offering the illusion of people power. If so, might that be to frighten the conservative base? Fear seems to be quite the popular weapon these days.

Can we manage to stay free just long enough so that we can do the work to make sure that we can keep our freedom intact before we lose it forever?

We ask a lot of questions on this site.

Maybe we have some answers as well. We should just speak our minds while pretending that we’re the last hope this planet has. I will do that if you will do that.

Where do we go from here?

If This Be Treason is an AlternativeApproaches Media website.